Nottingham Nectar

Fresh hive-to-bottle sparkling session meads made with clean, local ingredients in Madison, WI.

Nottingham Nectar

We make sparkling session meads made in Madison, Wisconsin by sourcing the finest local honey to use in each handcrafted batch. All of our products are simple, refreshing, and naturally gluten-free.


We started with an idea: Let’s turn the finest honey bee nectar into incredible human nectar. This journey led us through the fields and bluffs of Wisconsin in search of the most amazing hives and honey we could find. We handcrafted a variety of fresh, clean, and luscious sparkling meads that highlight the unique flavors of fruit and honey.

But we also learned so much.

Community and connection drives us. Stories and shared experiences bring us together. Adventure and curiosity gives us spark. And most importantly, we’re all in the same hive. We’re thrilled to produce amazing, modern meads with the hope of bringing more people together. We’re here to celebrate the campfires, picnics, sunsets, tired feet, belly laughs, cheerful toasts, wild nights, cozy evenings, and full lives each and every one of you bring to the hive.

We’re also committed to protecting the wonderful natural world that we inhabit, which is why we pledge a portion of each product sold to protecting insect pollinators.

Nottingham Nectar is a mead that will take you places, even when shared from the comfort of your own home or backyard. So please raise a glass; Here’s to the stories we share!


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