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Hexes & Hijinx

Hexes & Hijinx

Hexes & Hijinx

Door County Cherry Sparkling Session Mead
12 fl oz, 6.0% ABV

Hexes and Hijinx is as enchanting as its name. This smooth-bodied sparkling session mead is bursting with a magically concocted blend of Door County Cherries and raw wildflower honey. The spellbinding honey notes of goldenrod and wildflower give way to a mischievously tasteful balance of balanced sweetness and gentle tartness from the world famous regional cherries. It all drinks smooth and finishes clean. 

Soundtrack: Beats Antique, Ghost, The Glitch Mob, CloZee

Favorite season: Autumn Equinox

Favorite National Park: Isle Royale, Olympic

Ruling Queen Bee: Morgana

Favorite Ted Lasso character: Flo “Sassy” Collins

Old Gods Old Fashioned 

  • 2 oz brandy
  • 4 dashes Angostura Bitters  
  • 1 blood orange slice
  • 2 Luxardo cherries
  • 1 tsp brown sugar  
  • Hexes and Hijinx 
  • Ice

Combine blood orange slice, cherries, brown sugar, bitters, and dash of Hexes and Hijinx in an old fashioned glass. Muddle together while avoiding smashing the orange peel to bits. Focus the muddling on the fruit and sugar. Add brandy, ice, and fill the glass with Hexes and Hijinx. Pour into a shaker and back into old fashioned glass to mix. Add cherry and orange spear to garnish.